How to prepare for JEE Main

Preparation of JEE Mains Examination shall be organised in manner. Segregate the topics of each subject and know the weightage of each topics of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and preparation plan shall be exactly according to weightage. While all topics are equally important, some topics have importance as many questions are generally asked from there. Check the topper interviews, previous year papers to understand the weightage of the topics to make the plan.

Some guidelines while making the JEE Main Preparation Plan is as follows

  • Give equal weightage to all topics
  • Distribute the time needed to study it. Give more time to difficult topics and less to the ones you just need to revise.
  • Ensure you have scheduled revision time in the plan
  • Action Plan to Prepare for JEE Main
  • Study a chapter and understand the concepts. NCERT books are good for this.
  • While studying, make sure to note important points and formulas. This short notes will be useful during revision.
  • After studying a chapter or topic, check how much you can recollect and to what extent you have understood the topic.
  • Then practice questions based on the topic studied. While practising do not go for the solution directly. Try to solve yourself, make mistakes and then correct it. This step will help you to know how to crack JEE Main.
  • Make sure to give a JEE Main mock test after completing the subject. Similarly ensure that you appear for as many mock tests as you can so that you can analyse your preparation levels, understand where you are making the mistakes
  • Use the analysis to know your weak areas and concentrate on improving while revising.
  • Be wise and Revise - Without revision, it is difficult to crack any exam especially one like JEE Main. You can only improve if you revise.
  • Clear all your concepts, doubts. Never leave a question unanswered in your mind.

Put the brake and take a break - While studying is good, it is not wise to do it continuously. So take some time off to refresh your mind before you start again. You can listen to music, play games or do what eases your brain. Physical exercise for half an hour or an hour helps in boosting the memory. Eat right.

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