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Address :- Jalandhar, Punjab
Courses :- JEE Main Coaching, JEE Advanced Coaching, JEE Main & Advanced, BITSAT Exam Entrances, MET Engineering Entrances, VITEEE Engineering Entrances, SRMJEEE Engineering Entrances, COMEDK UGET Engg Entrances, KIITEE Engineering Entrances, SITEEE Engineering Entrances, AMUEEE Engineering Entrances
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Modern Institute

Modern Institute comes armed with the experience and expertise of Modern Publishers, a leading company in the education sector catering to the needs of students for years. Modern Institute is our endeavour to bring the best-in-class teaching-learning techniques to students and help them achieve what they aspire for. There is a substantial rise in the difficulty level of subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) in classes XI & XII as compared to classes IX & X. Preparing for entrance exams without prior exposure and without foundation preparation becomes an uphill task for students when they have to deal with a huge syllabus in each subject. So it is essential that students foundation for JEE/NEET is strengthened beginning from class IX and X itself. The syllabus of classes IX & X introduces concepts which students learn in detail in classes XI & XII. Therefore a focused and systematic foundation programme starting in classes IX & X will ensure strong understanding of fundamentals which is the primary requirement for success in entrance exams. The programme aims to groom students for the prestigious Olympiads and NTSE exam along with school exam preparation. The programme sharpens students analytical skills and retention abilities via various techniques and practice. It will help students understand better what is taught in regular school classes and hence do well in board exams. 

Silent Features 
Effective Study Material We have designed the study material in a unique way to enhance your confidence, shape your ideas, strengthen your foundation and lead you into the top gear of IIT-JEE/NEET preparation. The study material contains a systematic coverage of relevant notes on each chapter of the syllabus of respective examination. It is prepared by a team of highly experienced academicians. The material is self sufficient in every respect and gives you the route to success.

Doubt-Removal Classes Our doubt-removal classes are diligently designed and implemented to make education delivery efficient and effective. There are many doubts in the minds of students. In doubt-removal classes, our expert faculty members will sort out the problems which will help students to advance in the syllabus with full confidence. These are conducted after completion of each topic and students doubts are clarified at grass-roots level to ensure complete preparation. It helps to strengthen your fundamentals and paves your way to success. 

Expert Coaching 
We place priority on results, empowering our students to act in an efficient manner. The primary goal of expertise coaching is to provide individual, flexible and personalised solutions which help students to learn efficiently and provide them an extra edge in a highly competitive scenario. We offer an unmatched blend of knowledge and experience to deliver successful and expedient resolution to your most challenging exams. We provide a perfect mix of various resources and human skills to produce outstanding results. We equip students with knowledge and skills to reach the goal. 

Competitive Environment 
We believe that a healthy competition helps a child grow. In this respect we provide intellectually pleasant and highly competitive environment which ensures perfect development of the students. We prepare you to realise your dreams so that you can achieve your goals. This competitive environment helps you develop your problem-solving skills and enhance your scoring ability. 

Counselling sessions 
Beside subject knowledge there are many other things which play a vital role for success in any competitive examination. The counseling sessions are organised with the sole objective of preparing our students completely so that they can face the challenges of competition with full confidence and competence. During counseling sessions, our faculty team addresses all the problems of the students building up their mind for the examination. They provide moral support to the students.

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173-A, Vijay Nagar, Jalandhar, Punjab

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